WTS Set trigger mechanisms utilize a number of safety features that either avoid or minimize the accidental and premature discharge problems that are usually associated with the set trigger mechanisms used on bolt action and black powder rifles.

1.  Trigger or Sear Blockage

When the selector lever is in the “SET” position and the trigger is being pulled rearward to cause a reduction in hammer/sear engagement, either the sear or trigger is blocked so that COMPLETE hammer/sear disengagement is physically impossible until AFTER the trigger has been set AND the shooter has deliberately moved the selector lever to the “FIRE” position.

2.  Mechanical Energy Requirements

Both WTS Set trigger mechanisms have relatively high mechanical energy requirements which minimize the possibility of an accidental or premature discharge while the shooter is positioning his finger so that it has full contact with the trigger

3.  Shock and Jar Resistance

Hammer/sear DISENGAGEMENT is less likely to occur if the rifle is subjected to light or moderate shock and jarring because:

A.   The trigger has relatively high mechanical energy requirements; and

B.   The hammer and sear contact points are fitted so there is AT LEAST a 50/50 chance that the hammer and sear will return to full engagement, rather than disengaging, when the rifle is subjected to sufficient shock to affect hammer/sear engagement while in the “SET” mode.

It must be emphasized, however, that these two features only MINIMIZE the possibility of accidental discharges from light to moderate shock or jarring AND MUST NOT BE RELIED UPON TO PREVENT SUCH DISCHARGES!!!!!!

4.  Un-setting the Set Trigger

Both Set trigger mechanisms utilize simplified and positive means of returning the hammer and sear to full engagement WITHOUT creating the possibility of an accidental discharge.

5.  Part Durability

All Set trigger mechanisms have simplified designs which utilize relatively massive parts that will withstand wear and part breakage for the life of the trigger assembly.

6.  Effects on Semi-Auto Mode of Fire

The Set trigger mechanism is not an integral part of the trigger mechanism and CANNOT affect the trigger's original safety and reliability when the rifle is being  fired in the semi-auto mode of fire.

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