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Williams Trigger Specialties actually formed in 1980.  The company, based on the meticulous work of its sole trigger-smith, Denny Williams, was founded in White Heath, IL., by Denny and his then partner, Bruce Rankin.  By 1982, WTS trigger work had spread beyond the confines of a small community and was becoming well known in the gun world.  Today, Williams Trigger Specialties is not only recommended by its thousands of satisfied customers but also by many of the major gun developers, gun manufacturers, gun dealers, law enforcement and military personal.  And, as always, the work continues to be done by WTS's only trigger-smith, Denny Williams.   

Denny’s interest in weapons began at a very early age.  At 10, he ‘built’ his first ‘gun’, after watching Jimmy Stewart in “Carbine Williams”, at the local drive-in.  The reprimand he received from his parents did nothing to quench his interest.  Rather, his failure to include a solid breach, resulting in the speedy exit of his hammer & firing pin, on first fire, merely established his never-ending need to perfect.  

In 1982, Denny directed that interest to alleviating the notoriously heavy trigger pull on semi-automatic rifles.  WTS quickly gained a reputation for premier trigger work, which escalated with Denny’s development of the HK Contoured & Set Trigger and, 5 years later, his AR-15 Set Trigger.

In 1993, Denny took over sole-ownership of Williams Trigger Specialties and moved the business, about 25 miles south, to Atwood, IL., where it remains today.  After the move, Denny’s continuing need to perfect led to the inclusion of the CETME Standard Trigger work, his development of the FAL Set Trigger and his latest development, the WTSG1 Set Trigger for HK’s.

Today, Denny continues to offer his Standard Trigger work (on a multitude of weapons), the HK Contoured Trigger work and the HK91/93 & AR-15 Set Trigger work.

WTS is proud to claim its stellar reputation, built on a solid foundation of quality craftsmanship with dedication to safety and reliability.